Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions to help staff members in the use of technology.

While only the iPad FAQ section is available at this time, other areas will be added here soon.



What do I do if my wifi doesn’t work?

1. First, make sure the wifi signal meter is in the top left side of the screen next to the word iPad. 
If it is not there, go to settings - wifi - lcss.

2. Make sure you are authenticated through iBoss.  (Blue login screen) Sometimes the screen will automatically pop up for you to login.  Other times you will need to pull up a browser, such as Safari, and try to go to a webpage, such as, and it should pop up.

***All apps that use the Internet will not work correctly until you login through iBoss.

How do I run software updates?

When an update is available for the iPad it will put a red number on the settings “app.” To run the update:

 1. Tap Settings

 2. General

 3. Software Update (You may need to plug the iPad in for the update to run.)

How do I enable Find My iPad in case my iPad is lost or stolen?

1. Tap the settings app.

2. If necessary, sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID.

3. Tap the Find My iPad slide the bar on the right to enable this feature.

How do I find my iPad if it is missing?

1. Go to

2. Sign in using your Apple ID.

3. Click Find My iPhone

How do I set a passcode?

1. Tap the settings app.

2. Tap Passcode on the left.

3. Tap Turn Passcode On

4. Set a passcode that you will remember.  You will input this passcode each time you wake up the iPad.

What do I do if an app I am using locks up?

1. Double press the apple home button at the bottom of the iPad screen.

2.  Slide your finger to the left. You will see several windows of apps open and running.

3. Touch, hold your finger down, and slide up on the app you want to close.

What do I use the iPad for in my classroom?

Click here for information on useful iPad apps for the classroom.

Where can I find additional iPad resources?

Tony Vincent has lots of great resources on managing a classroom, interacting with students, managing your files, and making instructional media with your iPad.
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