Student devices for schools are coming soon...

The 1710 Chromebooks and 57 carts have arrived!

We have recently received over 1700 Chromebooks to be placed in many of our schools to meet the demands of online testing and to provide digital learning opportunities daily for students. After testing 33% of our students online during the 2014-2015 school year, we established a goal of online testing for 66% of our students in 2015-2016. To determine the number of devices to be placed in each school, we determined the number of devices currently available and the number of students to be tested in 2015-2016.

While these devices will be used in testing, the most important reason for providing Chromebooks to the schools is daily use in instruction. We want our teachers and students to utilize the devices everyday to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

The technology department team has been working on setting up the devices and carts. We will be working for the next several weeks to get the Chromebooks ready for classroom use.

chromebook  Article posted 7/21/2015.

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