We are here to provide our staff with quality, efficient technical support.

We are moving to a new web help desk support system for the 2015-2016 school year.

Our schools have used BigWebDesk for many years to submit technology support requests, but we are moving to a new system this year that seamlessly integrates with our remote desktop support software. This new software will allow staff to select options to narrow the scope of support requests so that appropriate technology staff will automatically receive the requests. It will also allow the technology staff to better organize requests without the need to reroute. A helpful "Frequently Asked Questions" component of the new software should also prove beneficial to all staff.

The new web help desk support system must be used for submitting technology support requests. We have attempted to stress to staff over the years that verbal and email requests for support are not efficient methods. Verbal requests are easily forgotten and, with the hundreds of emails received daily, this type of support request will likely be lost in a long inbox list of messages. When a request is submitted through the appropriate system, technology staff members receive an alert that a ticket has been placed and the request is automatically added to our work lists. This also allows us to maintain records of support requests completed and share information regarding solutions to issues. All of this helps us meet our goal of providing our staff with quality, efficient technical support.

Click the icon below to access the Laurens County Schools Web Help Desk.

East Laurens Primary: Paul Hodges
East Laurens Elem: Paul Hodges
East Laurens Middle: Keith Williams
East Laurens High: Keith Williams

Northwest Laurens: Dennis Howell
Southwest Laurens: Lance Smith
West Laurens Middle: Michelle Wynn
West Laurens High: Dennis Howell

Diamond Academy: Lance Smith
Aspen: Debbie Floyd, Diane Ikner
Email/Outlook: Dennis Howell
SPED: Casey Sirmons, SPED Dept.
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